The Collection

I first met Liz in 1996 when I was working as the counter manager for Guerlain; a French cosmetic, skincare and fragrance house with a glittering history dating back as far as 1828. Liz was one of my very loyal customers with a deep passion for ‘real’ fragrances made with exceptional materials. We would spend… Read more »

Jo Lofthouse

Winner of the 2007 Guerlain Prix D'Or Award

Liz Moores is a perfumer who really understands why we wear fragrance. She gets that we want something delicious; she also understands nostalgia, storytelling and drama. Her creations are adventurous, conceptual and imaginative, and perfect for those after something rather different from the norm.

Lizzie Ostrom

Odette Toilette

I am barefoot in hot sand. The sun is setting and it’s last rays catch a fire in the beaded silver strands around my ankles and my wrists. The air is burdened with the days heat…it bears down on my brown skin…my limbs are heavily charged…I lean forward into the kilim laden den of my… Read more »

Tracey Dovey


Angelique is my favourite perfume ever. This is my signature scent and changed the way I feel about perfume completely. I would never be without my beloved Angelique.

Nicola Dunworth


Every time I wear Anubis people will stop me and ask for the name of the perfume I’m wearing. It is a perfume that transcends the seasons and works in every temperate. Anubis blooms in hot weather and provides a dark, warm, protective cloak in the winter.

Hannah May White


Of all the floral perfumes I have tried, I simply love Tobacco Rose by Papillon. One spray and I was a true devotee. It has a unique and intoxicating smell that lingers for hours and hours. It is so romantic that I wear it at night too!

Jenny Bailey


I absolutely adore Angelique. It is my signature scent and everyone comments on how beautiful it is.

Kay Witcher


Tobacco Rose…Think of a rose with metal thorns in the garden of Trent Reznor. The smell of ‘Closer’.


Ealing, London

Oh what a gorgeous scent. Tobacco Rose is dark, smouldering and velvety.

Anne Murasaki