The Collection

Jo Lofthouse

Winner of the 2007 Guerlain Prix D'Or Award

I first met Liz in 1996 when I was working as the counter manager for Guerlain; a French cosmetic, skincare and fragrance house with a glittering history dating back as far as 1828.

Liz was one of my very loyal customers with a deep passion for ‘real’ fragrances made with exceptional materials. We would spend many an hour discussing the intricate details of classic perfumery. It was instantly apparent that fragrance was something very deep rooted in Liz. When she told me that she was creating her own perfume range I was extremely excited to smell each of the perfumes.

A few years have passed since that first discussion and I was lucky enough to have been one of the first people to have sampled Liz’s three exquisite creations.

This has been a very exciting and thrilling sampling experience for me, one that makes me extremely proud to endorse someone as talented as Liz. She is set to share with us her impeccable range of fragrance creations for a very long time to come.