The Collection

Midsummer’s Day Debut of Papillion Artisan Perfumes Tobacco Rose, Anubis & Angélique One of the great joys of Twitter is making friends and getting to know them. There is a sense of community, the reassuring flow of news, trivia and shared olfactory expertise is both cocooning and stimulating. This is how I met Perfumer Liz Moores, founder… Read more »

All three are of extremely high quality and incredibly long-lasting. The compositions are original twists on classic themes and wonderfully wearable (plus the bottles are gorgeous too). They are truly artisan, made by hand using a high percentage of raw materials. Here are my thoughts on each perfume in more detail: Anubis Includes notes of… Read more »

Some perfumes are slow burners.  Some I dislike but respect.  Some I fall for after one sniff. Angelique comes into the latter category. Papillon Perfume is a new kid on the block.  Launching in June 2014, there are only three scents so far.  However, I see a big future for this small artisan outfit led by nose… Read more »

Papillion seems to have sprung, beautifully formed, from nowhere. Samples of the first three perfumes have been doing the rounds for a while and arousing a good deal of interest. The reason for this is simple. All three are exceptionally good. It would seem the reason most perfumes are bought into the world has little… Read more »

  JUN 24 2000 days later: Papillon Perfumery’s Launch. An unofficial glimpse behind the scenes at the most exciting niche perfume brand of the year “Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like… Read more »